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Don Jumper began building winning race cars in the St. Louis area in early 1990. After rapid success in the industry, the development of Impressive Race Cars was born.

Over the past 20 years, Impressive Race Cars have been purchased by drivers throughout the United States. Many of the sport's top drivers, whether the weekend racer or the touring professional, have made Impressive Race Cars their choice and can be found weekly in victory lane. As Impressive Race Cars moves forward, they will continue to set the highest standards for chassis development and technological support in the industry. Please take the time to consider Impressive Race Cars as your choice.

Intercomp Shock Dying and Our Bilstein Shock Repair Service

Shocks need to be maintained and tuned just like any other system on your racecar. Impressive Race Cars can easily test and compare the performance of new and used shocks for optimum handling and balance. We provide our customers with an in house shock dyno along with our full line of Bilstein shock repair and service.